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Outdoor Education

Experiential Expeditions for Troubled Boys

A young man’s life is like a frontier — limitless and bounding with potential

Prepare your son for the experience of a lifetime. More than wilderness therapy, Frontier’s outdoor education has long been acknowledged as an amazing and effective way to help preteen and teen boys heal and reset life values and priorities. Rocky Mountain Frontier Boys Ranch & School serves young men 10-17 who are struggling academically or behaviorally and takes them out of their familiar environment and comfort zone to learn deep-standing life lessons that will help them flourish for a lifetime. Wilderness learning expeditions play a pivotal part of the program.

A unique alternative to traditional wilderness and “teen boot-camps”, the Rocky Mountain Frontier program is based on experiential learning encounters for struggling boys, age 10-17 and is owned and operated by a devout Christian family that uses the natural adventure opportunities of northwest Wyoming to heal the troubled and wounded youth. Your son will experience pristine nature on his journey of restoration back to the family through principles of Faith and God’s creation. With access to their families 50,000-acre cattle ranch, high plains desert, and the Rocky Mountains of northwest Wyoming, Rocky Mountain Frontier will equip your son with dignity and self-respect as he experiences life off the grid with his own two hands.

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Bring Your Struggling Teen Boy to The Frontier

Rocky Mountain Frontier Boys Ranch & School helps strengthen your struggling teen boy through outdoor education with back-country wilderness expeditions. Rocky Mountain Frontier Boys Ranch is a school for troubled teens that helps push the boundaries of a boy’s knowledge and skills. Your son will be exposed to situations and provided the knowledge to overcome obstacles within himself and his environment. Your troubled teen will also learn things about ranch management and living the “simple” way of life.

Is your son dealing with:

  • Vaping
  • Anger Management
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Rebellion
  • Defiance
  • Conflict at Home or School
  • Impulsivity
  • Abandonment Struggles
  • Social Skills
  • Asperger’s
  • Anxiety
  • Pornography
  • Poor Peer Choice
  • Social Media and Internet Addiction

Rocky Mountain Frontier
for a Life-Changing Experience

From Base Camp to Wilderness Education & Expedition
Life Changing Experience
Your troubled son will never be the same after coming to The Frontier.

From our Base Camp on a working cattle ranch, in the high desert of Northwest Wyoming, to the tops of the Absaroka Mountain Range, your troubled son will begin to understand and appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors and develop a sense of awe that will help him explore the ideas of his place in this world.

The question of “why am I here” has many meanings when overlooking the valleys and across the sagebrush, away from family and poor influences. More than a wilderness therapy approach, at Rocky Mountain Frontier Boys Ranch & School the answers are found in the areas of God, Family, and Community.

Not a Time-Out, Rocky Mountain Frontier is a Time-In:

As a safe place for boys with troubled relationships, we use the surrounding outdoor environment as a classroom where your son is taught to face daily challenges head-on, without excuses.

At other places boys who are disruptive often get a “time out,” Rocky Mountain Frontier gives them a “time in” – time in the great outdoors, time in reflection, and time in communication with God.


Rocky Mountain Frontier Boys Ranch and School is, in itself, a recreational opportunity. Many such ranches, called “dude” ranches develop their activities on the ranch and cowboy lifestyle. More than wilderness therapy, Rocky Mountain Frontier is an outdoor education, experiential encounter with nature set in a “cowboy” culture and tradition with beautiful mountain and desert panoramas. All activities include avenues in which youth will experience success, dignity, and gain confidence. Since ranches make their living outside, most activities are devoted to that environment. Some outside activities include zip-lining on the campus, geocaching, metal detecting, rockhounding, camping, hiking. We also explore the local nature by educational field trips, including trips to area ice caves, Boris Tusk, Yellowstone, Devil’s Tower, and more. Indoor group activities include a wide range of social interactions such as the use of the indoor gym, weightlifting, leather tooling, woodworking crafts, ping pong, pool, card, and board games, etc.


Spring is involved in outdoor learning about calving and getting ready for summer pasture with the annual branding and sharing the branding tradition with other ranches. This is by far the most favorite time of the year for the clients. Summer is filled with fishing, swimming, boating, and riding. Fall is getting ready for the cows to come home and harvesting. Horseback riding, mechanizing, and harvesting are part of the normal day. Sledding or tubing on the Sunlight mountain range is a favorite activity during the winter. Rocky Mountain Frontier Boys Ranch and School also have a private outfitting lease on the Beartooth Mountains where boys can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of hiking, fishing, and camping. The whole philosophy of Rocky Mountain Frontier is dependent on these experiential learning encounters.

Our Mission

“Healing the Wounded Youth of Today’s Culture with the Love of Christ.” Rocky Mountain Frontier is operated by a Christian family who utilizes authentic ranch experiences as a means to heal the troubled and wounded youth of today. Our school for troubled teens uses outdoor education to fulfill our mission. We hope that our family environment will help rebuild the self-respect and social guidance of the child and will enable him to be a moral confident contributing member of society. We believe that the ranch activities that are included in our program will educate the mind, strengthen the body, and dignify the spirit of the young men who are sent here. The program at Rocky Mountain Frontier is built to be a unique alternative to traditional methods of behavioral treatment. More than wilderness therapy, our outdoor education program helps teen boys reconnect with the natural world and establish a personal foundation that is rooted in Christian values and principles. Located in the mountains of Wyoming, our beautiful cattle ranch is home to restoring struggling boys and giving them hope for a bright future.

Rocky Mountain Frontier FAQ

Frontier FAQ

What does Rocky Mountain Frontier Boys Ranch and School cost?

Admissions Fee of $2850. Monthly Program Fee: $5,800 per month.

What is included in the monthly tuition cost?

  • Room and Board.
  • Daily supervision, mentoring, and vocational training from the Rocky Mountain Frontier staff.
  • Individual academic tutoring.
  • Natural horsemanship training.
  • Access to recreational equipment, indoor sports center.
  • Daily devotional books and materials.

What is NOT included?

  • Health care insurance and medical needs.
  • Individual educational plan-related costs
  • Initial clothing, academic tuition, and books

What are the requirements for admission to The Frontier?

  • Initial phone interview.
  • Completed application.
  • Admission fee and first month payment given upon arrival.

What are the ages of the troubled youth you serve?

Rocky Mountain Frontier Boys Ranch and School serves troubled boys between the ages of 10-17.


What Parents Are Saying


Karen S.

“I have known Matt Schneider for almost 4 years now. In October of 2015, I entrusted my most treasured gift, my 15-year-old son, to the care of Matt Schneider and the loving staff at his family’s male behavioral based programs at the ranch. Into the third year of Joseph’s time there, he graduated up to the specific care and tutelage made available at Matt’s Rocky Mountain Frontier Program…” Read More


Joe .

“I was at Rocky Mountain Frontier for about a year and by the time I had left to go home, I felt like a part of the Schneider family. It really helped me learn to contribute to that family because I had not made an effort to assist my real family. The program taught me how to be a leader, and how to be level-headed and calm in bad situations…” Read More


Dan D.

“Rocky Mountain Frontier is an answer to prayer. Our 15-year-old son has struggled throughout his life behaviorally and emotionally. Rocky Mountain Frontier provided a challenging, loving, and faith-filled environment to help him grow. He participated in the program for a full year, and it was worth it!…” Read More